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Acupuncture & Massage of Blaine, MN.

Therapeutic, Sport, & Pain Management Acupuncture in Minnesota

We are conveniently located in Blaine at 11800 Aberdeen St. NE, Suite 100. We specialize in Pain Relief and Sports Injury Acupuncture as well as general health, wellness and balance. Let us help you relieve your pain and restore balance to your life. Call  763.477.1338

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therapeutic, sport, & pain management acupuncture in minnesota




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About Us

Located in Blaine, Ackerman Acupuncture & Massage offers Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping, Tuina, Moxa and Chinese Herbal services. Every treatment is designed just for you and your specific needs. We are the premier Minnesota acupuncture clinic for all your therapeutic, sport, and pain management needs.

Ackerman Acupuncture & Massage specializes in Acupuncture for Pain Management. Whether it be long-standing pain brought on from a past injury or new pain from a more recent injury, we are here to help! We have helped manage pain for those who have suffered sports injuries, automobile trauma, stress injuries, inflammation pain, nerve entrapment, and even those with genetic conditions. Ackerman Acupuncture & Massage in Blaine is the best way to relieve your pain. Ready to get started? Schedule your appointment today!

What sets us apart from the competition is that we spend time getting to know each individual patient
in order to provide them with an appropriate individualized treatment according to their unique needs.

What Our Patients Are Saying…

I went to Ackerman Acupuncture for terrible pain from Planter Factious. It only took a few treatments and the pain is gone. Mike was also able to help with neck and shoulder pain at the same time. I HIGHLY recommend Ackerman Acupuncture!!

I had the worst shoulder pain for six months. I tried Chiropractic and Physical Therapy with no help. Mike got me feeling better after a few treatments and now the pain is gone. Ackerman Acupuncture is awesome.

I came to Ackerman Acupuncture after a sleep study diagnosis of restless leg syndrome.  My sleep doctor wanted me to take a heavy nerve medication to treat my restless legs. I was tired all the time and never felt refreshed after sleeping, even after 10-12 hours of sleep.  After about 4-5 treatments my energy returned!  I continue to sleep well but only need 8-9 hours and no naps.  I wake up feeling refreshed.  Even on weekends I am waking up on my own after 8-9 hours.  I quickly stopped the nerve medication and have no problems with my legs.   Additionally, treatments have improved my mood and mild depression.  As a 46-year old woman, I was beginning to have mild hot flashes.  Those are completely gone! I am amazed at how many different aspects of my health and wellness have been positively impacted by acupuncture.

“I am so happy with my weight loss results. After 12 acupuncture treatments in 10 weeks, I feel like a new woman. Ackerman Acupuncture gives you the gentle nudge you need to improve your lifestyle. They make you accountable while making you feel okay about where you’re at in a non-judgmental way and the acupuncture is so relaxing. I am now armed with more lifestyle info and resources than I’d expected. I feel confident now, even in a swimsuit!”

“I had suffered a severe spinal injury that was inoperable. My surgeon gave the options of being placed on a pain pump or seeking an alternative to pain relief. I decided to try acupuncture instead of drug therapy. I couldn’t be more happy. The pain is diminishing with every visit and I am seeing the results I hoped to see. I highly recommend Ackerman Acupuncture. They are concerned professionals with nothing less but the best care for me and my family.”

“I came to see Aleesha for acupuncture for skin allergies and knee pain.She is so kind and gentle at putting the needles in and I never felt a thing. Acupuncture has helped me out so much with my skin issues. It’s the only thing I have done that has actually worked. Acupuncture also took away my knee pain! I am thankful for Aleesha and acupuncture to help me feel better again.”

“After going to a medical doctor for headaches and chiropractor for neck ache, after 3 times having Ackerman Acupuncture both headaches and neck aches are gone. Going to a Ear Specialist about the loud high pitch buzzing, they said there was nothing could be done. One time at Ackerman Acupuncture, it was 80% gone.”