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The Surprising History of Cupping

The origins of cupping Cupping is a treatment used today with ancient roots. Native cultures from around the world have used cupping throughout history. Early on, primitive cups were used with a hole was placed on top. Cups were then placed on the skin. The practitioner would then remove toxins from the patient’s body by siphoning […]

Acupuncture Treats Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomit (Blaine, MN)

Acupuncture Treats Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomit Feeling Nauseous with Low Appetite and Throwing up? Acupuncture is a successful treatment used for Nausea with or without Vomiting, along with low appetite experienced after Cancer Treatment. Nausea and vomiting with low appetite are the last thing a patient or doctor wants after chemotherapy treatments when the body […]

Treat Restless Legs Syndrome with Acupuncture (Blaine, MN)

What is Restless Legs Syndrome? Restless Legs Syndrome is a condition with an almost urge to move the legs, especially at night. may lead to Insomnia… Muscle cramps or muscle spasms in legs Usually worse with lying down or sitting Getting up or moving around may help for a while Tends to disrupt sleep May […]

Auto Accident Injury Pain Relief Using Acupuncture (in Blaine, MN)

Pain Due To Auto Accident Injury And Acupuncture    Suffering Back pain, Neck pain or Headaches after Auto Accident? Acupuncture relieves back pain, neck pain and headaches or migraines due to auto accident injury. Watch the Military Using Acupuncture to Relieve Pain   Relief for Back Pain: Acupuncture Relieves Back Pain Acupuncture Relieves Sciatic Back […]

Acupuncture Treats Carpal Tunnel (Blaine, MN)

Acupuncture Treats Carpal Tunnel (Blaine, MN)   Carpal Tunnel is a common syndrome caused by repetitive stress injury involving the wrist and acupuncture is often used as treatment. The problem lies with the median nerve when it becomes irritated from overuse. Nerve inflammation results. This nerve is already restricted within the narrow passage called the […]

Just Breathe! Stress-Busting Deep Breathing Exercise (Blaine, MN)

Just Breathe For Stress Relief (in Blaine, MN)   The Key to Health and Wellness? Just Breathe! Why Your Breath is Important: The importance of keeping a balanced life involves one’s body, mind and spirit and is at the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Licensed acupuncturists who practice under TCM often treat patients using […]

Acupuncture Treats Partial Facial Paralysis (Blaine, MN)

Acupuncture Treats Partial Facial Paralysis March 21st, 2022   Reasons for Partial Facial Paralysis or Numbness: Bell’s Palsy Virus/ Infection of Facial Nerve Cancer/ Tumor Stroke Other Whether due to Bell’s palsy, Stroke, Brain tumor or other cause, partial facial paralysis and or facial numbness is treated using Acupuncture in Blaine, MN. Signs/ Symptoms of […]

Sinus Congestion Headache Needs Acupuncture Tip (Blaine, MN)

Sinus Congestion Headache Needs Acupuncture Tip   Sinus Congestion Got You All Stuffed Up (in Blaine, MN)? … This Season for Sinus Congestion needs Acupuncture Treatment It is now officially winter when many of us start feeling congestion in the lungs, chest and sinuses. Some of us get sinus headaches while some are prone to […]

Massage For Muscle Tension, Pain and Stress Relief (in Blaine, MN)

  Massage for Muscle Tension Pain: Massage can help loosen up painful muscle tightness and tension. This can provide the following benefits: Increased Range of Motion Relief of Chronic Pain Stress Relief Mayo Clinic massage video Massage Therapy styles: Deep tissue/ Trigger Point/ Sports massage Hot Stone Orthopedic Reflexology/ Foot massage/ Hand massage Reiki/ Energy […]