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Fun Facts Friday (Blaine Acupuncture Pain Therapy Clinic)

Your Brain & Your Belly…   Did You Know … ? Dehydration causes brain sag! Yes, you read that right. Your brain actually pulls away from your skull when you become dehydrated (No wonder lack of water can lead to headaches & impaired brain activity) (Research on dehydration & brain function by the NIH)   By 2050, People […]

Acupuncture for Sciatic Pain Therapy (in Blaine)

Is this sciatic pain? Sciatica Pain feels like a shooting pain going down the leg. Pain is usually felt in only one leg. Often stemming from the low back, pain travels from the hip, down the leg. Pain can travel straight down the outside of the leg or pain can travel down the buttock to the back of the leg…OR… pain can […]

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31 Things You Did Not Know Acupuncture Treats (in Blaine Pain Therapy Clinic)

#1  Shingles Shingles come from latent chicken pox virus. You may have thought you’d left the chicken pox far behind in childhood. Yet, stress can trigger this (after you’ve had chicken pox). Acupuncture can help prevent long-term nerve pain from nerve damage that can remain years, even decades after shingles. Sometimes long-term un-resolved shingles causes burning nerve pain, headaches, etc. […]

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The Surprising History of Cupping (Blaine Acupuncture Back Pain Therapy Clinic)

The origins of cupping Cupping is a treatment used today with ancient roots. Native cultures from around the world have used cupping throughout history. Early on, primitive cups were used with a hole was placed on top. Cups were then placed on the skin. The practitioner would then remove toxins from the patient’s body by siphoning […]

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Cupping 101 (Blaine Acupuncture Pain Therapy Clinic)

What is cupping? Like acupuncture, cupping is an ancient therapy that is part of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment in Blaine. Cupping works well for treating pain and many other complaints. An alcohol-soaked cotton ball is lit on fire This creates a vacuum inside glass cups Cups are then quickly placed on the skin (Fire is removed before […]

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Cupping for Allergies & Asthma (Blaine Pain Therapy Clinic)

Cupping Therapy Treats Allergies and Asthma (in Blaine, MN) What is cupping? Like acupuncture, cupping is an ancient therapy used within Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to treat many problems, including muscle pain, breathing/ lung issues and immunity. What Cupping Looks Like Glass cups are placed on the skin to treat muscle tension pain, asthma and sinus issues, to […]