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NEVER Ignore These Headaches (Blaine Pain Clinic)

Headaches may follow auto accident(s), hormonal changes, seasonal changes, stress, change of diet, or other lifestyle factors. Headaches can be scary if they are new to you or if your headache pattern has changed. Sometimes we wonder if we should just get through it or if it’s time to seek medical attention. Here are some […]

Stop Feeding These 5 Headache Types! {Pain Relief Near Coon Rapids, MN}

Caffeine-Withdrawal Headache Options: Continue with caffeine addiction to avoid headache Acupuncture support to quit caffeine addiction   Cluster Headache (most disabling type) Symptoms: One-sided pain, behind or above eye Pattern of: headaches in groups Triggers: Alcohol, nicotine or certain foods Options: Avoid your personal headache triggers, Acupuncture   Migraine Headache (severe) Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting Visual Disturbances […]

Acupuncture for Pain Relief {Near Blaine Acupuncture}

Acupuncture is excellent for treating all kinds of pain, and commonly treats headache, migraine, neck pain, back pain, knee and joint pain. Acupuncture for Pain, Old and New Whether you have chronic (long-term) pain or acute (short-term) pain, we can help relieve the pain. Our Blaine pain clinic has treated almost all types of pain due to […]