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How To Keep Your Head After Concussion and T.B.I. – Traumatic Brain Injury (in Blaine, MN)

What is a Concussion, Exactly?

Concussion is like a bruise caused by your brain smashing up against the inner wall of your skull. Concussions are common head trauma injuries in contact sports like hockey and football. According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) about 10% of athletes in contact sports has a concussion each season. Concussions also occur from auto accidents or even slips and falls during everyday life.

What is Post-Concussion Syndrome?

Post-concussion Syndrome is when signs and symptoms such as headaches and dizziness last weeks or even months. Read further for “Tips” to hopefully avoid this syndrome.

Signs of Concussion:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Brain “fog”
  • Dilated pupils

(Avoid sleep if pupils are dilated)!


Warning Signs:

If you experience Brain “fog” signs such as issues with memory, difficulty concentrating, strong desire to sleep, dilated pupils, headache or worsening headache, nausea, affected senses such as seeing double, light-sensitivity, impaired taste or smell or personality changes, see a doctor right away to determine if further testing is needed.

At Risk:

  • Anyone with past head trauma (whether it resulted in unconsciousness or not).
  • Headache which gets worse (possible blood clot)
  • Receiving a second blow to the head within a short period of time (could be fatal as swelling has not had time to go down in between injuries)!
  • The first 48 hours are crucial to be sure there is no swelling on the brain and may save your life

Only about 10% of concussions involves unconsciousness.


Be aware that a second concussion may even result from jarring caused by auto collision or a jerky ride like a roller coaster



Here’s What the CDC Reports on Concussion

  • See a doctor right away to determine severity
  • Avoid hitting your head again
  • Supplement with vitamin C (check with doctor first)
  • Avoid alcohol & refined sugars! (stresses the body)
  • Supplement with Fish oil (check with doctor first)
  • Join a concussion support group if you feel low
  • Reduce Work/ Stress & Increase Sleep/ Rest
  • Meditate (see free Resources below)
  • Pace yourself until you heal
  • Keep a sense of humor


For Parents: High School Concussion Prevention

Book by Michael Lewis, M.D. “When Brains Collide: What Every Athlete and Parent Should Know About the Prevention and Treatment of Concussions and Head Injuries”

Smiling Mind: Free Child’s Guided Meditation App

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Body Scan Meditation on YouTube

Facebook Minnesota Concussion Support


When Will I Recover from Concussion?

Everyone is different. Each concussion is different. Age, health, number of concussions you have incurred, how well you care for yourself and follow doctor’s orders, all factor into recovery time…

Therefore, individuals recover at different rates. Some may recover quickly, others may have lingering symptoms. Be patient with yourself if you have difficulty focusing or are feeling out-of-sorts. No, You are NOT dumb.

Your brain has suffered a trauma and is trying to heal itself. Be sure to allow it the time it needs to increase odds of a full recovery!

Ackerman Acupuncture treats headaches, mild to moderate depression with low libido, anxiety and “brain fog” with difficulty concentrating and poor memory caused by concussion and mild Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.).

Thanks for Reading!