Welcome to Ackerman Acupuncture & Massage

Whether you struggle with chronic back pain, deal with persistent stress and tension, or simply want to relax, Ackerman Acupuncture & Massage is here to help. A quality massage with the right therapist can help relieve tension, reduce fatigue and increase energy while providing crucial steps toward health and wholeness.

At Ackerman Acupuncture & Massage, our calm atmosphere facilitates relaxation, and our knowledgeable therapists can help you select the right treatments to achieve optimal results. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and excellence allows you to integrate massage therapy into your routine and to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.



Massage Therapist

Ashley completed a 1,000-hour holistic health practitioner program in San Diego California. She’s an intuitive massage therapist that specializes in relaxing Swedish and hot stone massage as well as deep tissue. As a Reiki II practitioner, she incorporates the flow of Reiki energy into each modality, creating a treatment that allows healing to happen on a deeper level.



Massage Therapist

Julie completed the massage therapy program at Aveda institute in Minneapolis. She specializes in deep tissue neck, shoulders, and low back, and often incorporates other modalities depending on the specific needs of the client. She also does prenatal massage, injury care, sports massage, Swedish massage, and hot stones. She is knowledgeable on how all the muscles work together in the body and enjoys getting to the root cause of any pain you may be experiencing.



Massage Therapist

I studied at Central Florida School of Massage Therapy. I help people with the effects of stress and pain using both deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques (and I enjoy using hot towels or stones). I like learning what works for everyone individually and adapting techniques while focusing on soothing your nervous system. My favorite part of massage therapy is being a part of people‘s self care, whether it’s once a month or once a week, to ease physical pain or to realign with your inner peace.



Massage Therapist

Krista graduated from St. Paul College in 2015 with 500 hours of training. She specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal, and hot stone massage. Krista also enjoys incorporating cupping into the massage to better assist in releasing tension in problem areas.



Massage Therapist

JulieAnne has been a massage therapist for 26 years graduating from Northern Lights School of Massage Therapy in Minneapolis. She is certified in Neuromuscular Therapy and works with clients to ease stress and tension throughout their body. JulieAnne incorporates light stretching, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and other modalities as the need arises to bring about the greatest relief for her client.



Massage Therapist

Grace graduated from Aveda Institute in Minneapolis receiving certification for Massage Therapy. She combines Swedish and Deep tissue techniques to customize a unique healing massage. Grace is pursuing ongoing massage modality training in order to provide well rounded care.




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The Clinic

At Ackerman Acupuncture & Massage, our first-class therapists are committed to quality. We use only best essential oils from Young Living. These oils are 100% pure and safe for topical use. We’re also committed to a natural and chemical-free workspace, so we use Norwex products and water to clean everything from tables to face cradles.

Client comfort is very important to us, so we’re willing to do whatever we can to make your therapy session work for you.

Our Philosophy

At Ackerman Acupuncture & Massage, our goal is provide a professional massage treatment by carefully selected certified and licensed massage therapists in a quiet relaxing atmosphere at an affordable price.

We will never skimp on quality of our products, and we do everything we can to stay green and to honor the surroundings that we live and work in every day.

We look forward to serving you soon.


At Ackerman Acupuncture & Massage, we offer a variety of treatments to improve your massage experience. We’ll work with you to create specialized therapy sessions, targeted toward your needs. Some of our treatments are simply massage methods. Others, like aromatherapy, are add-ons that can take your massage to the next level.
  • Swedish Massage

    If you’re new to massage therapy, Swedish massage is the perfect place to start. Long gliding massage strokes are used to provide relaxation, relieve tension and improve circulation. All our therapists practice this technique.

  • Cupping Therapy

    In this treatment, your therapist will use special cups to create localized suction on your skin. The suction then mobilizes blood flow to promote healing. All our therapists practice this and the treatment can be added to your massage for no charge.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    In deep tissue massage, we use the same strokes as traditional massage therapy, but we focus on a very specific area, work slower, and apply deeper pressure. By targeting knots and areas of tension or pain, we’re able to realign deeper layers of muscle and tissue and relieve chronic muscle tension. All our therapists practice this technique.

  • Myofascial Release

    This is a type of soft tissue therapy that is used to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain. Here, we seek to relax contracted muscles and to improve circulation throughout the body. Angela and Rain practice this technique.

  • Shiatsu

    Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is practiced by applying kneading and pressing techniques, range of motion exercises, assisted stretching and taping are also used.  It traditionally is done over loose comfortable clothing. Shiatsu is a great way to address anxiety, stress, and muscle tension.  After a treatment the client will feel overall a sense of calmness, well-being and balanced energy. Angela and Rain specialize in Shiatsu.

  • Prenatal Massage

    Studies show that prenatal massage can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve aches and pains, and even positively affect labor and the health of your new baby. At Massage Off Central, we’ll make sure you see a therapist who is specially trained and certified in prenatal massage.

  • Craniosacral Therapy

    This specialized massage therapy is comprised of a series of light touches. It is designed to enhance the functioning of the membranes, tissues, fluids, and bones surrounding or associated with the brain and spinal cord. This type of therapy releases tensions and dysfunction in the body to improve health and restore balance. Rain is currently our only therapist who practices this technique.

  • Trigger Point Therapy

    A “trigger point” is a specific site of muscle tension that causes pain in other parts of your body. A trigger point in your neck, for example, may be causing headaches. Trigger point therapy places pressure on that trigger point, working at the source of the pain to bring relief to the whole body. In this method, we apply pressure with fingers, knuckles, and elbows to relax the muscle and alleviate pain. All our therapists practice this technique.

  • Hot Stone

    In this massage treatment, your therapist places heated, smooth stones on key points of your body. Heat from these stones can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so that your therapist can work more deeply. We do this on your back only for no additional charge. All our therapists practice this technique.