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Treat Morton’s Neuroma With Acupuncture: Get Off On The Right Foot Today (in Blaine, MN)

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma is a benign neuroma between third and fourth toes. Benign means “fine” or “non-cancerous.” Even so, the foot pain is real!

Morton’s Neuroma affects the inter metatarsal plantar nerve where thick tissue irritates this nerve, causing pain.

Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma:

  • Ball of foot
  • Between third and fourth toes
  • Sharp, burning pain
  • Sensation of standing on a pebble
  • Sensation of Numbness/ Pins and Needles


Is Your Heel Pain Plantar Fasciitis?

Who Gets Morton’s Neuroma?

  • Flat-footed (often with overpronation)
  • High-heeled shoes have been linked to developing Morton’s Neuroma
  • Overpronation (foot rolls inward)

What Can You Do?

• Try wider width shoe
• Shoe inserts
• Try acupuncture treatment
• Stretches for Calf & plantar fascia (once pain relieves)
• Correct Biomechanical problems to avoid re-injury
• Corticosteroid injections or surgery, if needed

Metatarsal foot inserts under the forefoot may help relieve pain by spreading the metatarsals which creates more room for the inflamed metatarsal nerve.


What Should You Avoid?

• Avoid wearing high heels
• Avoid starting your running regimen up again too quickly
• Avoid inflaming the metatarsal nerve again. Start lower leg and foot stretching gradually to avoid re-injury & pain!



  • Try Acupuncture treatment for Morton’s Neuroma foot pain
  • Wear proper footwear (shoes or orthotics shoe pad inserts)
  • Stretching lower leg muscles (once pain relief is achieved)

Licensed acupuncturists at Ackerman Acupuncture Pain Relief and Wellness Center in Blaine treat Morton’s Neuroma foot pain with acupuncture medical treatment which is safe, non-invasive and effective at relieving pain in Blaine.

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