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Shoulder Pain Caused by Nerve Entrapment And Acupuncture (in Blaine)

What is Nerve Entrapment or Impingement?

Entrapment or Impingement means there is a trapped or pinched nerve. It can also be called Nerve compression. Trapped nerve may also include nerve root compression caused by herniation of a disc.


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Signs/ Symptoms of Nerve Impingement:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling sensation
  • Cold sensation
  • Possible weak muscle
  • May be Worse at Night

Where is Numbness and Tingling?

Travels down the arm, possibly to the hand, and even to the finger tips.

  • Shoulder
  • Arm
  • Hand
  • Fingers


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When to Get Acupuncture:

Most patients come in after seeing their General Practitioner and even Specialty doctors, such as Neurologists. When pain medications and physical therapy is not effective, patients come in for acupuncture as a last resort.

Often patients complain of no longer being able to do things such as hold a plank position due to pain and weakness in the arm and come in for acupuncture because it is getting in the way of their workouts.

How Many Acupuncture Treatments are Needed?

The sooner you receive acupuncture, the quicker issues may resolve. The more chronic (longer it’s been around), the more treatments it may take. Generally, one should see some change after 4 and significant results after 6 treatments.

If you do not see measurable results with pain, numbness and tingling, range of motion or weakness of muscle within four acupuncture treatments, you should see your General Practitioner who may order imaging to rule out other issues and to help avoid permanent nerve damage.


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When to See a Doctor:

Seek Medical attention immediately if you experience Neck, Back, Leg or Arm Pain, Numbness or Tingling with the following Red Flag Signs/ Symptoms:

Cuada Equina Syndrome is a Medical Emergency! (see below)

• Sudden Loss of bowel or bladder control*
• Sudden loss of sensation of buttocks and legs or weakness of legs*
• Severe Head, Neck or Back pain
• Stumbling/ Falling down
• Anytime your symptoms are sudden and severe or concerning to you

*Symptoms of Cuada Equina Syndrome include neurological symptoms such as, sudden loss of bowel or bladder control or sudden loss of sensation to the buttocks and legs or weakness of the legs.

Cuada Equina is considered a medical emergency and anyone with these signs and symptoms should be admitted to the emergency room as soon as possible to avoid possible irreversible nerve damage leading to possible permanent paralysis, paresthesia sensation or lack of sensation.


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